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Why Six Month Visits Are Important
By Emerald Coast Family Dentistry
May 31, 2018
Category: Oral Health
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Are regular visits to the dentist high on your list of priorities? Visiting every six months is an essential aspect of maintaining good oral six month visitshealth. Our Pensacola, FL, family dentist, Dr. Jennifer Georgiades of Emerald Coast Family Dentistry, provides checkups and other dental services essential to a healthy smile.

The benefits of twice-yearly visits

Scheduling visits every six months is a good idea for these reasons:

  • You'll reduce your risk of cavities. During your visit, you'll receive a thorough dental cleaning that will remove plaque from your teeth. Plaque is a colorless bacterial film that's responsible for tooth decay. A professional cleaning removes the sticky substance from places that may be hard to reach with your toothbrush or dental floss.
  • You may be less likely to develop gum disease. Cleanings also get rid of tartar, a hard deposit that forms if plaque remains on your teeth for as little as seven to 10 days. If you have tartar, you'll notice a brownish gray coating at the base of your teeth. Tartar, a factor in gum disease, can only be removed during a dental cleaning.
  • Your breath will smell fresh and clean. Even small food particles can emit a noxious odor if they remain trapped between your teeth long enough. Cleanings not only remove plaque and tartar, but also get rid of debris that contributes to bad breath.
  • Your teeth will look cleaner. Cleaning gets rid of surface stains that can dull your smile.
  • Small problems won't turn into major dental issues. Treating any dental problem is always easier during the initial stages. If you wait too long to visit the dentist, a small cavity can take over your entire tooth, or a tiny crack in a tooth can lead to a fracture. During your visit, your Pensacola dentist will provide a thorough examination, which may also include X-rays.

Is it time to schedule your next checkup? Call Pensacola, FL, family dentist, Dr. Georgiades of Emerald Coast Family Dentistry, at (850) 944-9655 to schedule your appointment.