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When Are Implant Dentures Needed?
By Emerald Coast Family Dentistry
December 09, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

Dentures have been the standard for replacing missing teeth for a long time. As dental procedures and technology have evolved and denturesbecome more efficient, especially in the last few decades, dentures have also become more functional and cosmetically attractive, and offer a more comfortable fit than ever before for men and women in need of full or partial tooth replacement. Dental implants, which replace the root of missing teeth, to which a cosmetic crown is then attached, can also be used to secure a set of dentures in place, providing the most secure and natural fit available. Dr. Jennifer Georgiades of Emerald Coast Family Dentistry offers implant supported dentures in Pensacola, FL.

Get Your Smile Back with Implant Dentures in Pensacola, FL

Dentures are normally secured in place by the friction and suction that is created when they are attached to the bone ridge of the jaw, and with the aid of adhesives when necessary. Because the underlying bone tissue in the gums begins to erode when teeth fall out, the bone ridge will shrink over time, causing the dentures to become loose and need adjustments, or in some cases a new set altogether.

Implant dentures help to promote the growth of healthy new bone tissue and to secure the dentures in place to avoid uncomfortable and embarrassing slips. A set of dentures can be secured with just a few implants, which are made of biocompatible titanium screws and surgically placed in the jaw. Once they have healed, the dentures are attached. Healthy adults with enough remaining bone density are generally good candidates for dental implants.

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Tooth loss may not always be preventable, but there are more options available than ever before to replace one, several, or all natural teeth once they have been lost. For more information on implant dentures, and to find the tooth replacement and smile restoration option that is best for you, contact Emerald Coast Family Dentistry by calling (850) 944-9655 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Georgiades today.